Osteocare Chewable


Osteocare Chewable is a natural source of synergistic high strength chewable calcium tablets, carefully balanced with essential magnesium to enable the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscle function.

Getting the amount of calcium needed is important for men and women of all ages, especially for women during pregnancy and lactation, but also during menopause.

Osteocare Chewable contains more magnesium than 4 pints of milk and more calcium than a whole pint of milk.



Osteocare Chewable was scientifically designed based on studies and contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc, elements that are necessary to maintain the health of the bone system.

It a great tasting orange and peppermint flavour chewable formula to help maintain normal bones and teeth. It also provides 100% RDA of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D plus zinc and supporting nutrients, ideal for men and women of all ages, also recommended for growing children, throughout pregnancy and breast-feeding, during the menopause and in later life for elderly men and women who dislike or have difficulty swallowing tablets.

Osteocare Chewable provides a natural source of calcium balanced with magnesium and vitamin D, which contributes to the normal functioning of the muscular system.

Contains: sulfitessoy.

Chewable Osteocare does not contain preservativesartificial colorslactose, or yeast and it is suitable for vegetarians.

The product has not been tested on animals.


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