Health Aid Koregin 3000 Capsules


Health Aid Koregin 3000 Capsules are highly concentrated Korean Ginseng Root Extract Capsules that contain ginseng root extract  and special properties to boost protein activities in the brain and also aid the body in regulating itself under stress to sustaining strength, vigour and vitality. They also help to control blood circulation in the brain, enhancing memory and mental ability.

Health Aid Koregin 3000 Capsules is believed to help lower cholesterol, balance the metabolism, and increase energy levels to alleviate fatigue and diminish stress on the body and stimulate the immune system.

It also helps to increase  oxygenation to the cells and tissues by promoting detoxification and stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells.

It is also said to have positive effects on a man’s sexual health and function.





Koregin 3000 Capsules may be of benefit to:

  • People with low energy who need a boost
  • People who are often tired
  • People who experience stress on a daily basis
  • People who suffer from a lack of concentration
  • People who need to boost their immune system
  • People who need to boost their stamina and/or enhance their athletic performance
  • Men who want to maintain normal sexual health

When Should I Take Koregin 3000 Capsules?

Koregin 3000 Capsules are supplied in packs of 30s and the recommended daily intake is one capsule daily upon rising. It is advisable to take these capsules 20 minutes before breakfast as they have a stimulating effect on the system.

Safety Information:

Do not use Ginseng containing products if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or a heart rhythm irregularity. Do not use Ginseng containing products if you are taking MAOIs, the enzyme-inhibitor drugs used to combat depression, or warfarin. Please seek professional advice before taking this supplement if you are suffering from food allergies. This product contains soy.


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