Deep Freeze Gel


Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold gel is a pain relief gel recommended for the fast relief of pain from sprains, strains, minor sports injuries, and muscle and joint aches. It works rapidly like ice, delivering an instant burst of cooling pain relief to the affected or swollen area.

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FAST-ACTING, PAIN RELIEVING GEL. (CONTAINING RACEMENTHOL 2% w/w). Deep Freeze Cold Gel is a pain-relieving Cold Gel. Its cooling, penetrating action goes deep down to relieve the aches and pains of overworked muscles, tendons, and joints. Deep Freeze Cold Gel should be applied to the affected area and massaged gently until completely absorbed into the skin. Deep Freeze Cold Gel combines the proven principle of cold treatment with the benefits of gentle muscle massage. The Active ingredient in Deep Freeze Cold Gel cools the skin bringing about rapid pain relief. Deep Freeze Cold Gel is suitable for the symptomatic relief of pain in muscles, tendons, and joints and is ideal for minor sporting injuries.

When to use

Deep Freeze Cold Gel works like ice, delivering targeted, rapid cooling to the area. Scientifically proven cooling for backs, neck & shoulders and legs & feet..

How to use

Gently apply as required.

Can be used with medicines. Can be used after exercise.

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100g, 35g


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